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  • Great for porch, dogs took a couple of days to get used to the material

    testimonial_left_comma  It took my dogs a couple of days to get used to the feel of the bed’s fabric, but all in all they seem to like it now. We keep it on our screened in porch so one of the dogs can lounge in it. I’m excited that this material is intended for all seasons, so I imagine it should be pretty easy to wash when needed.


    The only thing I didn’t love was that the cushion is bigger than the sides. My dogs really like to snuggle inside their beds, and this one is more for lounging kind of on top of it. Either way they seem to have gotten over it for short periods of time 🙂


    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest feedback regarding its utility and quality.  testimonial_right_arrow

    By Merituni

  • Good plush bed

    Good plush bed, my pup loves it 🙂
    I have a terrier mix weighing around 15 lbs. I got the medium size. The medium size turns out to be the perfect size for my dog. It is very spacious. The bed has a good heavy feel to it. He has more than enough space to stretch out in it and even bring some toys on it. Especially he loves to rest his head on the sides. It is very plush and soft. The fabric quality looks good and I expect it to hold up for a long while. The bottom pillow can be removed and the bottom is a nonslip fabric as advertised. It stays put on our hardwood floors. The cover can be removed easily. So far I am very happy I bought this bed and my pup is too.

    Cagdas Baygin

  • Very good quality. We LOVE it

    We are very happy with the product, our dog Kai-Leigh loves it. Very large dogs will fit and still have room . It’s well constructed and made from two different materials giving it a quality appearance. The color couldn’t be better. It’s rady to vacuum and keep nice looking.
    Im very happy with it and the only thing that would make it 6 stars is being made in USA. I’m not sure where it was constructed.
    We usually buy the Kirkland name from Costco. They cost about 35.00, i am more than happy to pay this price for this product. Plus, its on prime. No trip to Costco. Because of free shipping.

    Kevin S

  • That’s pretty much how my dog looks — totally comfy and …

    See the picture of that dog laying in the bed? That’s pretty much how my dog looks — totally comfy and snoozing away! I love this bed. She loves this bed. It’s a win-win. Specifics: It is ‘poofy’ enough for her comfort and provides support — unlike her old bed, which was one of those ‘sleep balls’ which looked like a big, round bean bag where she had to climb in and find a comfortable position (she weighs 45 pounds). No more climbing now, and she loves the bolster around the sides upon which she rests her head. The soft attached toy is shaped like a bone, which clips to a loop on a corner of the bed and has a 3 foot cloth ‘leash’. She is a retriever/golden mix, and the first time she took off with the toy the bed went with her, so that lesson was learned very quickly. LOL! Now it’s her snuggle toy and she’s quite content.

    I had initial misgivings. Her previous ‘sleep ball’ had an inner bag with a zipper where I could replace the filling as needed. This large pillow is washable, so instead of having to replace filling, I simply washed the pillow and then made a few sachets of cedar, lavender, etc. and tucked them under the pillow. If you know how much it costs to replace the filling in one of those ‘sleep balls’ you will appreciate how much you will save with a simple washing of the pillow, and adding a few refreshing sachets underneath if you wish.

    This bed review is approved by my dog, Roweena. 🙂

    Linda Boynton

  • Not even pulled pork could move my dog

    Not 5 minutes after unboxing, my pit-rhody mix was settled into the bed, apparently mesmerized by “Wait.. I’m here… my arms & legs are all stretched out… and theres room for, like, an extra small dog. Only, there’d better be no other dog!” He soon rolled over into a position that ensured there wasn’t room for sharing (see 1st pic). He attempted to remain alert, just in case. Not even food prep summoned him away from the bed. 15 total elapsed minutes later, we observe the 2nd photo: “zzzzzzzzzzzzz!” I suppose the honeymoon will end, but I was mainly pleased that with the XL size, there was enough room for a pit-rhody mix.

    Runner-up for funniest moment: when he tried to run off w/the attached toy and the bed began to chase him. He didn’t get too far; furniture was in the way. But if your big dog is particularly moose-like, consider removing the toy before presentation.


  • Four Dogs Give Five Stars

    We have four dogs–three are under 20 lbs. They love snuggling under bed covers, so I hoped this product might have the same appeal. All three love laying inside such a cozy little cave, although the Boston Terrier sometimes flattens it down like a regular bed. I’m glad the dogs have the option to sleep on top or inside—the bed is extremely flexible. The dogs enjoy rearranging the plush interior pillow or the furry outside to their satisfaction. If one dog pushes the whole thing down, it’s still easy enough for another to open it back up like a fox hole. The bed has quickly become a favorite, and is never empty. Even our fourth dog, a 30 lb. Jack Russell, manages to squeeze inside. It’s a tighter fit, but he’s quite content. I ordered the medium, and it’s just the right size for all the dogs.

    I like that both bed sections can be machine washed. The interior pillow is zippered, so the filling can be removed. Although the description says this is maroon, it is actually brown, and the neutral color blends in well with any setting.

    We also use the bed for traveling. It’s lightweight, can be crumpled up if necessary and fits in the back seat of our car very well. Taking this soft bed along on outings provides a little bit of “home” for the dogs. They’re at ease and definitely more comfortable while traveling.


  • insists on being snuggled up under the covers with me when we go to sleep so I figured she must be a burrower and would probably

    My little pug puppy, Tallulah, insists on being snuggled up under the covers with me when we go to sleep so I figured she must be a burrower and would probably like this style of bed. It took her some time to figure it out and get used to it–I would put her toys and treats in the bed to help her–but now that she knows how it works, she absolutely loves it! It’s a really nice quality bed of this style for this price. I looked at similar beds for $70 or more and that’s outrageous! This is really nice and soft. There’s a cushion insert that comes out for easy washing, and the top part of the cave is stuffed (no metal wire) so it stays open when it’s left alone, but she can also sit on top of the bed if she’s too warm. She’s currently around 10 or so pounds (she’s 5 months old) and has PLENTY of space in the small sized bed. It will definitely last until she’s fully grown. Over all, it’s a great bed and we’re both thrilled with it.


  • Beautiful, soft bed: well worth the money !

    I was looking for something extra special for my 13 year old cat who is dealing with health issues. I was actually surprised how nice this new bed was. I keep the AC down b/c we live in a hot climate….and she seems cold a lot, always diving under the down comforters on the bed, etc. She has a lovely open bed with soft ‘kitty” blankets, but I wanted to get her something that she could burrow in like she does under our bed covers.

    This bed is very well made, VERY VERY SOFT chocolate brown plush, and comes with a soft matching pillow, to put inside. She hasn’t used it yet, but its waiting for her, sprinkled with catnip, next to her other bed.

    Sorry the photo is upside down. I have no idea how to fix it.

    I also purchased a microwave warmer pad for it, too, also from Amazon. I will report back as to how all this works out. It may take her a week or two to use it, you know how cats are !

    Update: She started out by laying on top of the bed, not understanding, I don’t think, that she could actually burrow into it. So, I put her inside it and after that, she started getting in it herself. I think that the catnip helped b/c she doesn’t usually take to things this fast…its only been 24 hours.

    Update July 28, 2016: Ok, its taken a couple of months, but she is finally using the bed. Today, she went in there and has been in there all day. Cats!


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