Beautiful, soft bed: well worth the money !

I was looking for something extra special for my 13 year old cat who is dealing with health issues. I was actually surprised how nice this new bed was. I keep the AC down b/c we live in a hot climate….and she seems cold a lot, always diving under the down comforters on the bed, etc. She has a lovely open bed with soft ‘kitty” blankets, but I wanted to get her something that she could burrow in like she does under our bed covers.

This bed is very well made, VERY VERY SOFT chocolate brown plush, and comes with a soft matching pillow, to put inside. She hasn’t used it yet, but its waiting for her, sprinkled with catnip, next to her other bed.

Sorry the photo is upside down. I have no idea how to fix it.

I also purchased a microwave warmer pad for it, too, also from Amazon. I will report back as to how all this works out. It may take her a week or two to use it, you know how cats are !

Update: She started out by laying on top of the bed, not understanding, I don’t think, that she could actually burrow into it. So, I put her inside it and after that, she started getting in it herself. I think that the catnip helped b/c she doesn’t usually take to things this fast…its only been 24 hours.

Update July 28, 2016: Ok, its taken a couple of months, but she is finally using the bed. Today, she went in there and has been in there all day. Cats!

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