Four Dogs Give Five Stars

We have four dogs–three are under 20 lbs. They love snuggling under bed covers, so I hoped this product might have the same appeal. All three love laying inside such a cozy little cave, although the Boston Terrier sometimes flattens it down like a regular bed. I’m glad the dogs have the option to sleep on top or inside—the bed is extremely flexible. The dogs enjoy rearranging the plush interior pillow or the furry outside to their satisfaction. If one dog pushes the whole thing down, it’s still easy enough for another to open it back up like a fox hole. The bed has quickly become a favorite, and is never empty. Even our fourth dog, a 30 lb. Jack Russell, manages to squeeze inside. It’s a tighter fit, but he’s quite content. I ordered the medium, and it’s just the right size for all the dogs.

I like that both bed sections can be machine washed. The interior pillow is zippered, so the filling can be removed. Although the description says this is maroon, it is actually brown, and the neutral color blends in well with any setting.

We also use the bed for traveling. It’s lightweight, can be crumpled up if necessary and fits in the back seat of our car very well. Taking this soft bed along on outings provides a little bit of “home” for the dogs. They’re at ease and definitely more comfortable while traveling.

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