Not even pulled pork could move my dog

Not 5 minutes after unboxing, my pit-rhody mix was settled into the bed, apparently mesmerized by “Wait.. I’m here… my arms & legs are all stretched out… and theres room for, like, an extra small dog. Only, there’d better be no other dog!” He soon rolled over into a position that ensured there wasn’t room for sharing (see 1st pic). He attempted to remain alert, just in case. Not even food prep summoned him away from the bed. 15 total elapsed minutes later, we observe the 2nd photo: “zzzzzzzzzzzzz!” I suppose the honeymoon will end, but I was mainly pleased that with the XL size, there was enough room for a pit-rhody mix.

Runner-up for funniest moment: when he tried to run off w/the attached toy and the bed began to chase him. He didn’t get too far; furniture was in the way. But if your big dog is particularly moose-like, consider removing the toy before presentation.

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