That’s pretty much how my dog looks — totally comfy and …

See the picture of that dog laying in the bed? That’s pretty much how my dog looks — totally comfy and snoozing away! I love this bed. She loves this bed. It’s a win-win. Specifics: It is ‘poofy’ enough for her comfort and provides support — unlike her old bed, which was one of those ‘sleep balls’ which looked like a big, round bean bag where she had to climb in and find a comfortable position (she weighs 45 pounds). No more climbing now, and she loves the bolster around the sides upon which she rests her head. The soft attached toy is shaped like a bone, which clips to a loop on a corner of the bed and has a 3 foot cloth ‘leash’. She is a retriever/golden mix, and the first time she took off with the toy the bed went with her, so that lesson was learned very quickly. LOL! Now it’s her snuggle toy and she’s quite content.

I had initial misgivings. Her previous ‘sleep ball’ had an inner bag with a zipper where I could replace the filling as needed. This large pillow is washable, so instead of having to replace filling, I simply washed the pillow and then made a few sachets of cedar, lavender, etc. and tucked them under the pillow. If you know how much it costs to replace the filling in one of those ‘sleep balls’ you will appreciate how much you will save with a simple washing of the pillow, and adding a few refreshing sachets underneath if you wish.

This bed review is approved by my dog, Roweena. 🙂

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